Fundraising Tips

Imagination and planning are key

• Make your initial personal contribution a substantial one to show your commitment
• Remember it is tax deductible
• Often businesses will dollar match your personal contribution. Consider your corporate connections and identify if this will assist you. If so, this is another reason to increase your personal contribution
• Investigate community groups like Rotary, Lions etc. They are often looking at projects to distribute their money
• Research grants available from your local council. Our fundraising dollars are fed back into councils so it makes sense that they support your participation and may consider a grant for your efforts
• Connect with a school. If a student body does some fundraising you could spread awareness and benefit from the links created
• Make the most of viral marketing and ask your direct supporters to forward your email onto others in their network
• Add the link of your fundraising page to your email signature so others can learn about your fundraising drive.

Engage your network

Regularly communicate with your social network providing updates on your efforts to keep them engaged. A newsletter, blog or social media page is a good way to keep your friends, family and colleagues involved in what you are doing for charity. Sections could include:

• Training update
• Current fundraising total and fundraising target
• Link to your fundraising page
• Details of fundraising events
• Facts about the Amy Gillett Foundation

Remember you are not only fundraising, you are also spreading awareness about the Amy Gillett Foundation.