Frequently Asked Questions

Registrations, Online Safety Briefing & Rider Chip Mailout/Pickup

When will I receive my rider timing chip? When do I do the Online Safety Briefing?

All riders must complete an online safety briefing prior to receiving their rider chip by mailout or pickup.


  • Wednesday 21st Aug – those who have paid for Rider Chip Postage will Receive the Online Safety Briefing Link.
  • This paid mailout group must complete the Online Safety Briefing by midnight Sunday 25 Aug for their chip to be posted prior to the event, otherwise, they become part of the pick-up group below.


  • Monday 26th Aug – those who have not paid for postage will Receive the Online Safety Briefing Link.
  • YOU MUST complete this online briefing prior to collecting kit.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo Rider Chip Pickup – Sat & Sun Lorne

Gran Fondo Collection times are, SAT September 14, 10am – 5pm, or the morning of SUN September 15 6am – 7:45am, prior to the Gran Fondo starting. 

Wiggle Amy’s Medio Fondo Rider Chip Pickup – Sat Lorne / Sun Apollo Bay

Please note your timing chips will be in LORNE Saturday at the Lorne Information Centre 10am – 5pm, then Apollo Bay Start Line Sunday 8am – 11am before the ride starts at 11:30am.

Transport loading will have check-in lists and tags. Lorne Bike and Bus Loading occurs at Lorne Hotel Mount Joy Pde.

Surf Coast Shire Family Fondo – Rider Plate Sunday Pickup

Surf Coast Shire Family Fondo riders can collect their rider numbers from the Lorne Information Centre from 8am to 10am prior to Starting at 10:15 am.

Surf Coast Shire Gravel Fondo – Saturday Startline Pickup

Rider chips will be available for collection at the Start Line, Allensvale Rd Car Park 7:45am to 8:45am before starting at 9am Saturday 14th September.

Amy’s Wall  – Saturday Startline Pickup

Rider chips will be available for collection at Bay St startline from 5pm ahead of 5:45pm Start.

What happens if my rider timing chip not arrive in the post?

Do not worry, we have replacement rider timing tags available to be picked up at Mantra Lorne on Saturday September 14 (10am – 5pm) or the morning of Sunday September 15 (6am – 8pm), prior to the event starting.

TAC Medio Fondo riders staying in Apollo Bay can collect their replacement rider timing tags from the registration Marquee in Apollo Bay between 12:00pm and 5:00pm Saturday 14 September and from 7:00 am Sunday 15 September.

I have entered and have not received a confirmation email or receipt

Check to see that your confirmation email has not been intercepted by your email spam filter. i.e. placed in your “Trash” of “Junk” folders

If not click here to access your registration or email granfondo@amygillett.org.au to request it to be resent.

Have you entered your email address correctly?

If not click here to access your registration and update your email address in your personal details

Who can enter?

All events: Anyone who meets the age criteria.

Gran Fondo:   16yrs as at 31 December 2019.

Medio Fondo:   12yrs as at 31 December 2019.

Gran Fondo and Medio Fondo: Anyone who is satisfied they will meet the 18km/hr minimum average speed criteria needed to complete the course within the road-closure period.

Family Fondo:   6yrs as at 31 December 2019. (Children in tag alongs and bike seats excepted)

Note: All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian

When do entries close?

Entries Close Midday Wednesday 11th September!

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo, TAC Medio Fondo, and Amy’s Gravel Fondo riders can only enter online.

TAC Family Fondo riders can enter in person at Registration at the Mantra, Lorne or at on Sat 14 September 10am-5pm and on Sunday 15 6.30am-8am.

Can I enter on the day of the event?

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo and TAC Medio Fondo cannot enter on the day of the event and can only enter online.

TAC Family Fondo riders can enter in person at Registration at the Mantra on Sat 14 September 12pm-5pm and on Sunday 15 Sep 6.30am-8am.

What is the minimum age for riders?

130km Amy’s Gran Fondo = 16 years old

45km TAC Medio Fondo = 12 years old

65km Amy’s Gravel Fondo = 12 years old

14km TAC Family Fondo = 6 years old (children in tag alongs and bike seats excepted)

Note: All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian

Amy’s Gran Fondo Age Categories – what is their purpose?

Age categories are for riders attempting to qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Series or achieve a placing in their age category. Age Category riders will start youngest to oldest, with each age category having a unique colour seat post identification tag. There are 9 different age categories for both men and women


Age categories are defined by the riders age on December 31st of that year. UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualifiers who move into the next age category in the following year are automatically qualified for that age category.

Age category riders are eligible for all category wins.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo Recreation Category – what is its purpose?

Recreation Category is for riders who wish to ride the course at their own pace and who do not wish to be grouped with riders who are racing for UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualification.

Recreation Category riders will start after Age Category riders, fastest to slowest according to the riding speed selected when entering.

Recreation Category riders are eligible for placings in all category wins except Age Category.

Do I have to be a member of Cycling Australia?

No. If you do not hold a Cycling Australia race licence your entry fee includes a day licence which covers you for insurance for this event only.

All rider’s licence numbers will be verified by Cycling Australia. If your licence number is not verified you will not be permitted to start.

Will there be inexperienced riders in the Gran Fondo?

There will be riders of all levels competing in the event. Competitive riders are advised to select the Age Category option at registration. Recreational Riders are encouraged to select the Recreation Category at registration. Age Categories will start before Recreation Category riders.  The 10km uphill start will ensure that the field settles into groups of like ability at a safe speed. If you do not think you can meet the minimum speed and time requirements for the Gran Fondo, register for the Medio Fondo, enjoy the safety of the closed roads and build towards the longer distance next year.


What is included in my rider registration?

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo & TAC Medio Fondo and TAC Family Fondo

You will receive your timing tag, your Age Category or in the case of Recreation Category riders your speed Identification Tag, and a redemption card enabling you to collect some great product and offers from our sponsors at the expo. TAC Family Fondo riders receive a rider number only.

Your entry fee covers the following services: Full road closures, Police Support, Ambulance Victoria Support, Emergency Medical Services Australia Support, Mechanical Support on course and in the event village, Aid Station Food and Water, Post Ride Recovery Area Access, Timing Services, SAG Wagon Support, Online Result Service, Rider Insurance, Rider Photographs and the best cycling event in Australia.

How will I know what my rider number is?

Riders collecting their timing tags in person will an e-Ticket with their rider number at 5:00pm on Thursday 12th September 2019.  Our registration staff can also inform you of your rider number at registration.

Can I transfer my registration to another rider?

No – We need personal, age, medical and emergency contact details for every rider.

Can I change my registration to a donation to the Amy Gillett Foundation?

No, under ATO law a Tax Invoice has been issued and cannot be revoked.


I have forgotten my username and/or password, how do I log into my GoFundraise account?

You can use the ‘Forgotten Password’ link in order to receive an email with a new password. You must enter the same email address used when you first registered.

If you can’t remember your username, use the ‘Forgotten Username’ link in order to receive an email with your username and new password.

Why do I need a fundraising page?

This event is a major fundraiser for the Amy Gillett Foundation. To reward those people who raise funds we have created Gold, Silver and Bronze start groups at the front of each category & event.

Fundraising is key to supporting the safety work of the Amy Gillett Foundation. Creating a fundraising page allows you to join a team and fundraise your way to the front of your start group PLUS you can earn these great rewards:

Check out the fundraising awards HERE, keep gaining fundraising dollars to be rewarded!

How do I create an individual fundraising page?

Your fundraising page is automatically created for you. You can select to fundraise as an individual or as a team. When you get to the Fundraising section of registration select “Create an Individual Fundraising Page” or, if you wish to join a fundraising team, select “Join a Fundraising Team” in this section. Choose the team you wish to join from the list of Fundraising Teams.

How do I create a fundraising team?

When completing your registration you can create your team in the Fundraising Section. Select “Create a Fundraising Team” in this section.

How do I join a fundraising team?

Check to see that your confirmation email has not been intercepted by your email spam filter. i.e. placed in your “Trash” of “Junk” foldersHave you entered your email address correctly? Log back into the Go Fundraise system. If you cannot log in using your email address, contact support@gofundraise.com.au and request that your email address be corrected in the system.

I have entered and have not received a confirmation email or receipt.

Check to see that your confirmation email has not been intercepted by your email spam filter. i.e. placed in your “Trash”Have you entered your email address correctly? Log back into the Go Fundraise system. If you cannot log in using your email address, contact granfondo@amygillett.org.au and request that your email address be corrected in the system.

Pricing, Refunds & Cancellations

How much does it cost to enter?

It depends on the event! On each individual event page, you will find the relevant pricing,

Why is the entry fee lower for Cycling members?

Cycling Australia memberships provide insurance cover for events such as Amy’s Gran Fondo. The non-member price includes rider insurance.

Can I change my entry?

Our self-managed system allows you to make changes or additions to your entry category, event entered, merchandise sizes, bus and bike transfers. Simply click here to access your registration and edit the available options.

Can I cancel my registration and receive a refund?

Entry fees are non-refundable under any circumstance. FME is not required to refund entry fees where a competitor has a change of mind..

Can I transfer my registration to 2020?

You can transfer your registration to 2020 up until the 31 August 2019 with Medical Certificate or sufficient proof of exceptional circumstances that prevent you from attending.

Requests must be sent to granfondo@amygillett.org.au for approval.


Where can I stay?

See the Accommodation page for accommodation links and information.

Safety & Apparel

Is completion of the online safety briefing compulsory?

For insurance and safety purposes, all riders are required to complete an online safety briefing. Non-completion will result in the rider not receiving their Timing Tags and not being allowed to start in either the Gran Fondo or Medio Fondo.

Family Fondo riders do not need to attend a safety briefing.

What should I wear during the event?

Your favourite and comfortable cycling kit, or you can purchase Amy’s Gran Fondo kit when registering or from the online store. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared with a warm undershirt, Arm & Leg Warmers, Gilet, and Rain Jacket if necessary.

What kind of bike can I ride?

Riders can choose from a selection of bikes to ride in the event, including road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes and cross bikes.

Handbikes are permitted when required due to a disability. Tandems are only permitted for vision-impaired riders, in which case only the vision impaired rider is required to register.

The following bikes are not permitted: recumbents, bikes with tri or aero bars.

Can my bike have disc brakes?

Yes. A recent change in the UCI regulations has authorized the use of disc brakes in mass participation road events.

Click here to see the announcement.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, Australian Law, Cycling Australia and UCI regulations all mandate the use of helmets. All riders must wear an Australian Standards Certified helmet. The certification sticker must be visible inside the helmet.

How the events work?

What time should I arrive in order to me marshalled into my start category?

At least 15 mins prior to your event start time

7.40am for 8:00am start            Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo – Age category

7:40am for 8:15am start            Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo -Recreation category

9:30am for 10:00am start            Family Fondo – Lorne (outside Lorne Hotel)

11:15am for 11:30am start         Medio Fondo – Apollo Bay (Visitor Information Carpark)

How will my start position be determined?

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo Age Category riders will start in order of age group, youngest to oldest.

Recreation Category riders will be started according to the average speed selected at the time of entry, fastest to slowest.

Fundraise your way

Click here to find out how you can help us support the Amy’s Gillet Foundation. It’s is such an important cause and you could be rewarded for helping us raise much needed funds.

I would like to ride with a family member and/or friends. How do I do this?

If you enter the Age Category, unless you are all in the same age group this is not possible.

If you enter the Recreation Category or Medio Fondo you must all select the same average speed when you enter. Be accurate and enter your average speed to the slowest within your group to ensure that your safety comes first.

If you are entering the Gravel Fondo or Family Fondo there is no restriction on where you start.

I have never ridden in a large group before, what should I do?

If you are inexperienced, enter in the Recreation Category or Medio Fondo and you will be starting with riders of similar speed and ability on a fully closed road with plenty of room for everyone. Group riding is faster as you save about 30% energy in a draft. It takes experience to get used to riding closely behind someone else’s wheel. Ideally, it would be best to practice this skill with a partner prior to the event. We advise riders to gain experience riding in groups prior to Amy’s Gran Fondo.

Road closure conditions

In order to meet the road re-opening times which are a condition of our road closure permits, riders are required to maintain an average speed of 18 km/h. Riders falling behind the average speed will have the option to get a lift in the SAG wagon to the next Aid Station or continue under open road conditions.

This phone number is to be kept clear for residents and locals and genuine traffic issues, not for participants seeking parking information.

Road closure Information – https://amysgranfondo.org.au/community/

How do I find out traffic information in case of an emergency?

The traffic hotline number is 0457 467 809 and will be active from 9am – 5pm on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September and 6am to 3pm on Sunday 15 September. This number is to be used exclusively for the purpose of obtaining information about traffic in the area.

Can I volunteer to assist at the event?

Yes! Many volunteers are needed to assist the event team in the delivery of Amy’s Gran Fondo. Volunteers are a critical part of any major event and we love having them involved. Register to Volunteer now – email granfondo@amygillett.org.au

If I need medical assistance what should I do?

Emergency Medical Services Australia (EMSA) and Ambulance Victoria (AV) will be on the course and on call. Marshalls and bike mechanics will be travelling on the course on motorcycles and in cars. Traffic management will be controlling traffic at intersections and volunteers will be guiding athletes for turns at intersections. All of these people are equipped with radios and can contact Event Control to organise assistance. In the event of a severe accident call 000.

Where can I park?

Riders staying in Lorne are encouraged to ride to the start from their accommodation. Parking areas for those riders not staying in Lorne will be signed as you arrive in Lorne.

Limited parking is available on the Lorne foreshore which will be managed by the Parents and Friends of the local Lorne P-12 College.  The cost is $10 per car with all funds going directly to improvements to the school’s grounds.

How can I exchange merchandise if it doesn’t fit?

Need to exchange your merchandise?

Size not quite right? Then simply send back to: Sub4, 1/18 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122 along with a pre-paid self-addressed reply satchel. Be sure to include order details & change requested. Further enquiries email: info@sub4.com.au